One step further still in style, connectivity and performance



  • CHIC

    PureTech 82 BVM Chic
    PureTech 82 S&S ETG Chic

    • ABS, EBA, ESP, BER
    • Hill-start assist (except on PureTech 82 manual version)
    • Front, front side and curtain airbags
    • Chrome side trims – Centralized lock-up with remote control
    • Tyre underinflation detection
    • 16” Airflow wheels – LED daytime lights
    • Emergency tyre repair kit
    • Electric front windows
    • On-board computer
    • Height-adjustable driver’s seat
    • Electric wing mirrors
    • 6HP CD & MP3 audio with jack connector
    • Adjustable leather-covered steering wheel

    PureTech 82 BVM Be Chic
    PureTech 82 S&S ETG Be Chic
    PureTech 110 S&S BVM Be Chic
    PureTech 130 S&S BVM6 Be Chic
    BlueHDi 100 S&S BVM Be Chic


    Chic features plus:

    • Air conditioning
    • Tungsten decor
    • Interior mood lighting
    • 16” Ashera alloy wheels
    • Cruise control with speed limiter
    • Temporary spare wheel (1) (on PureTech 130 S&S 6-speed manual)

    (1) Replaces emergency tyre repair kit
    (2) Replaces CD player
    (3) Service package including geolocated emergency and assistance calls
    (4) Includes third central channel and amplified bass chamber


    PureTech 82 BVM So Chic
    PureTech 82 S&S ETG So Chic
    PureTech 110 S&S BVM So Chic
    PureTech 110 S&S EAT6 So Chic
    PureTech 130 S&S BVM6 So Chic
    BlueHDi 100 S&S BVM So Chic


    Chic and Be Chic features plus:

    • Central armrest
    • Rear parking assist (on PureTech 110 S&S automatic)
    • Gloss black décor – 3D-effect LED rear lights
    • 16” Aristée alloy wheels
    • Hands-free Bluetooth kit and USB connector
    • Auto pack
    • Automatic light-up
    • Automatic air conditioning
    • Automatic front wiper
    • Electrochrome rear-view mirror
    • De-icing wing mirrors retracting on lock-up
    • Interior fragrance
    • LED foglamps
    • Audio system controlled from 7’’ touchscreen (2)
    • Tinted rear and side windows

    (1) Replaces emergency tyre repair kit
    (2) Replaces CD player
    (3) Service package including geolocated emergency and assistance calls
    (4) Includes third central channel and amplified bass chamber


    PureTech 110 S&S EAT6 Sport Chic
    PureTech 130 S&S BVM6 Sport Chic
    THP 165 S&S BVM6 Sport Chic
    BlueHDi 100 S&S BVM Sport Chic
    BlueHDi 120 S&S BVM6 Sport Chic

    Chic, Be Chic and So Chic features plus:

    • Active City Brake
    • Front and rear parking assist
    • Sport spoiler
    • DS Connect Box with SOS & assistance pack (3)
    • HiFi System (4)
    • 17” Black Diamond Bellone alloy wheels
    • Two-tone roof
    • Aluminium pedal unit and footrest
    • DS LED Vision headlamps
    • Height-adjustable passenger seat
    • Temporary spare wheel (1)
    • Sport front seats
    • Front and rear mats
    • Hand-stitched leather steering wheel cover

    (1) Replaces emergency tyre repair kit
    (2) Replaces CD player
    (3) Service package including geolocated emergency and assistance calls
    (4) Includes third central channel and amplified bass chamber “




    The new-look New DS 3 boasts the DS Wings front end, sporting DS LED Vision technology.



    Floating roof, two-tone body, and shark’s fin are among the characteristic design features extolling the inimitable personality of this emblematic city car.



    New DS 3 draws inspiration from the world of fashion, with its Aden Red body colour, Topaz brown roof, alloy wheels and distinguished interior linings and décors.



    Craftsman-like attention to detail shows through in the watchstrap-stitched Napa leather, side window markings, leather dashboard trim, and laser-engraved wing mirror shells and décors.



    Incisive suspension and precise steering ensure crisp response under all circumstances, for a reassuring sense of control and safety.



    Efficient new petrol engines: PureTech 110 S&S (manual and automatic), PureTech 130 S&S manual, and Performance (THP 208 bhp). Record low emissions (from 79 g/km of CO2) from BlueHDi diesel technology. And new Drive Efficiency versions.



    Advanced technologies for daytime and nighttime driving:

    -DS LED Vision technology, for exceptional lighting quality
    – Active City Brake
    – Reversing camera and new front parking assistance sensors
    – Hill-start assist



    Advanced connectivity with 7” touchscreen, for the ultimate in motoring convenience: DS Connect Box, DS Connect Packs, Mirror Screen (now compatible with Apple CarPlay™) and MyDS.



    Five full-size seats, the largest boot in this category (285 l), and optimum comfort/response balance, in town and on the open road.



    The powerful, refined, 208 bhp DS 3 Performance offers incomparable driving sensations and perfectionist design, epitomizing true DS genetics.





    The turbocharged three-cylinder PureTech 110 engine, with its high torque at low revs, is ideally coupled through the EAT6 six-speed automatic transmission, for a fabulously smooth and brisk driving experience



    Five-speed manual :
    The smooth, responsive five-speed manual gearbox is available with the baseline engines in the New DS 3.

    Six-speed manual :
    The six-speed manual gearbox is especially smooth and responsive, with the sixth gear affording fuel savings and improved acoustics. This gearbox is available with the THP 155 and 165 S&S petrol engines and the e-HDi 115 and BlueHDi 120 S&S diesel engines.

    Automated manual transmission (AMT):
    The five-speed automated manual transmission is available with the PureTech 82 petrol engine. With this transmission, the driver can opt between automatic or sequential modes (from paddle or gearstick).




  •  - Polar White
  •  - Polar White

Polar White

  • Polar White

    Polar White
  • Pearl White

    Pearl White
  • Belle-île Blue

    Belle-île Blue
  • Ink Blue

    Ink Blue
  • Aluminium Gray

    Aluminium Gray
  • Shark Gray

    Shark Gray
  • Yellow Pégase

    Yellow Pégase
  • Perla Nera Black

    Perla Nera Black
  • Aden Red

    Aden Red
  • Rubi Red

    Rubi Red
  • Whisper




    New DS 3 offers full customization capabilities, enabling drivers to express their individual takes on the strong personality of DS 3. Ever true to its fashionable Parisian chic image, New DS 3 gets a new body colour (Aden Red) and a new roof colour (Topaz Brown), drawing inspiration from precious stones and perfectly in harmony with the new interior dashboard trim.


    Exterior customization capability is the broadest in this vehicle segment:

    • 44 possible combinations of body/roof colours (with choice of 11 body colours and 4 roof colours)
    • Choice of 10 exterior roof décors, in addition to the four roof colours
    • Choice of 10 wing mirror colours


    Attention to detail: chrome door handles, side trims and wing mirror stems. Full choice of alloy wheel sizes and colours (16 alloy wheels from 16” to 18”, in two-tone with diamond finish, for the ultimate in refinement)


    Further emphasizing the fashionable Parisian personality of New DS 3, the Irrésistible Paris décor comes with side window markings and laser engraving on the dashboard trim. The wing mirrors, in the same colour as the roof, with chrome finish or laser engraving, add a touch of refinement to the distinctive, expressive outline.


    There are new interior lining and décor choices (Dinamica Black Basalte textile, Topaz Brown décor, etc.). Napa leather upholstery with the characteristic DS watchstrap stitch is now available in a new colour: Trinitario Brown.


    The inimitable DS style shines out in characteristic features such as the shark’s fin, floating roof, and new DS front identity (DS Wings), sculpted like a work of art, with verticalized hexagonal grille proudly bearing the DS badge. The main new design feature introduced on New DS 3, is the double DS Wings front end, which enhances the car’s connotations of French luxury.


    DS LED Vision technology:

    • Innovative combination of LED (three LED modules) ad xenon technologies
    • Scrolling indicators, unique in this vehicle segment
    • DS lattice embedded in the headlamps
    • LED features in front air inlets

    Advantages of DS LED Vision technology:

    • Style and modernity: sensual, hypnotic appearance characteristic of the DS brand
    • Enhanced comfort and safety: wide, deep, white light flux, for improved visibility at low and high speeds, and less driver fatigue
    • Higher efficiency: economy (50% less energy consumed in dipped mode and 67% less in main-beam mode), and longer service life (20 times longer, or 20,000 hours) than halogen lamps


    The 3D-effect LED rear lights on New DS 3 bring further illustration of French elegance and attention to detail. The lamp unit comprises a rectangular lightguide with 30 LEDs plus a set of mirrors and semi-reflective panes forming infinite reflections of the lightguide image. This high-tech, high-performance light signature sets a new standard in lighting technology, with its (rectangular 3D module of 30 LEDs topped by an upper blade of 24 LEDs in each lamp). Another little detail: the DS logo is embedded jewel-like, in the rear lamps.


    French design flair is also seen in the leather upholstery (textured or Napa with watchstrap stitch), the dashboard with leather trim or exclusive laser engraving, the leather-covered panel hood, the smooth leather-covered steering wheel, the exclusive chrome trims, etc.
    Along with a broad choice, New DS 3 also offers a panoply of exclusive features:

    • watchstrap stitching in Napa leather, unique in the automotive world and exclusive to DS – embossed DS logo on front seats and leather dashboard trim


    Driving pleasure on New DS 3 is enhanced by the low, wrap-around seats (heated on some versions) and exemplary soundproofing. Noise and vibration from engine, airflow and road are filtered out very effectively.


    New DS 3 stands out for convenience and practicality:

    • five full-size seats
    • exemplary luggage space, with the largest boot in its category (285 litres)
    • generous glove compartment and door cubbies storage space in movable central armrest
    • one-touch asymmetric rear-seat fold-down

    New DS 3 offers satnav from a high-resolution 7” colour touchscreen

    • Jukebox function, Bluetooth audio streaming and USB/AUX connectivity, for the utmost listening pleasure – Satnav in Birdview mode
    • Safe phone capability with hands-free function
    • DS Connect Box* services (geolocalized emergency and assistance calls), for peace of mind, plus a range of other packs (Monitoring, Mapping and Tracking) for added functionality

    Touchscreen (7”) for highly intuitive use at the wheel: centralized information, Mirror Screen connectivity (Apple CarPlay™ and MirrorLink®) with Text to Speech / Speech to Text function for safety and comfort

    • MyDS for interactive access to full vehicle use data

    * in some countries


    The Active City Brake system avoids low-speed collisions or lessens collision impact. A short-range laser sensor located above the windscreen detects obstacles, such as a stationary or moving vehicle ahead. At speeds up to 30 km/h it identifies the potential risk and communicates directly with the brake system controller to avoid collision, or reduce the impact of collision, without the driver having to operate the brake pedal. This automatic braking function slows the vehicle down, to standstill if the situation so requires.


    New DS 3 has extensive safety and comfort features:

    • Cruise control with programmable speed limiter
    • Reversing camera coupled with touchscreen navigation, with image shown on the 7” screen
    • Front and rear parking assist
    • Hill-start assist for all versions with S&S
    • Crawl function for all versions with automatic or automated manual transmissions “


    The interior fragrance function releases a subtle, pleasant perfume, at adjustable intensity, throughout the passenger compartment.


    The New DS 3 HiFi system has exceptional acoustic performance, with a third channel located in the dashboard and an amplified bass unit in the boot.


    Brisk, agile, responsive roadholding affords a sensational ride on board New DS 3. Sensational driving pleasure entails no penalty on comfort: the comfort/roadholding balance is the best there is.


    The new EAT6 automatic transmission (Efficient Automatic Transmission 6) is the ideal engine-transmission combination for smooth yet dynamic driving response.
    Driver advantages:

    • Faster, smoother gearshifts
    • Improved driveability
    • Response and acceleration The EAT6 transmission is coupled with the three-cylinder PureTech110 S&S petrol engine, to give fuel mixed-cycle consumption of 4.6 litres per 100 km and CO2 emissions of 105 g/km.


    New DS 3 is available with a choice of new PureTech three-cylinder engines (International Engine of the Year 2015):

    • PureTech 82 S&S, with manual or automated manual transmission, meeting Euro6 standards with consumption from 4.2 l/100 km (mixed cycle) and CO2 emissions from 97 g/km
    • PureTech 110 S&S, with manual or EAT6 automatic gearbox (consumption from 4.5 l/100 km and CO2 emissions from 104 g/km).
    • The EAT6 new-generation six-speed automatic transmission gives prompt, supple response from low engine speeds.
    • The THP 165 S&S petrol engine is renowned for its firm and supple response from low revs. Fuel consumption is 5.6 l/100 km and CO2 emissions 129 g/km.


    The powerful, ecological BlueHDi diesel engines (75, 100 and 120) available for New DS 3 stand at the forefront of technology. They include an SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) module upstream of the additive-based particulate filter to cut out NOx (90%) as well as reducing CO2 emissions. The BlueHDi 100 S&S, for example, achieves fuel consumption from 3 l/100 km and CO2 emissions from 79 g/km.


    DS 3 Performance is the distinguished, dynamic flagship of the New DS 3 line-up, boasting the best in efficacy, comfort, driveability and motoring sensations. The car’s energetic disposition is immediately apparent: distinctive dual tailpipe, wide wings, 18” ‘diamond’ alloy wheels, and gloss black front brake callipers, and specific DS Performance décor.


    The figures speak for themselves: power 208 bhp, torque 300 Nm, CO2 emissions 125 g/km. The results testify to the steadfast work of the DS Performance design teams, who opted for a 1.6 THP S&S engine to power this spectacular car. Coupled through specially-staged six-speed gearbox (MCM) and Torsen® limited-slip differential it is powerful, civilized and economical, giving exceptional drive and trajectory-holding. Suspensions and power unit were specially tuned to deliver intense driving sensations backed by a reassuring sense of unwavering control.


    Like the car’s equipment, the materials used are also consistent with the car’s dynamic performance and avant-garde design stance.
    Customization capability extends to a choice of two trim levels:

    • Trim level 1 offers six body/roof colour combinations
    • Trim level 2 —Black Special— is the ultimate expression of the car’s refined sports outlook, with mat black body and gloss gold roof, carbon side strips, dashboard and gearstick base in gloss gold and additional comfort and safety features.